Drazan, Henke and Associates provides individuals and families with a broad range of services to help achieve their goals throughout life. These services vary from basic tax compliance to complex tax and financial planning.
  •  Tax Planning - We believe that tax planning requires looking at a multi-year tax picture. This gives us the ability to help our clients make decisions that can meet short and long-term goals for themselves and their families.
  • Tax Compliance - No matter how basic or complex a tax situation is our clients can be sure that we will coordinate their comprehensive tax and financial planning with their annual filing and compliance requirements.
  • Financial Planning - In the area of financial planning, we believe the value we provide to our clients is unique due to our expertise in tax planning. In addition, our clients can be confident that our recommendations are unbiased since we do not sell or profit from any financial products.
  • Estate Planning - {see Estates and Trusts}