Our Clients


At Drazan, Henke and Associates, we specialize in working with business owners throughout the life of their business. Whether it is helping them measure the profitability of their business, to assisting them in achieving their long-term goals and objectives, we have the expertise and experience to help. Although we serve businesses in many different industries, we specialize in working with closely-held businesses in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Construction trade
  • Professional services 
  • Trucking/Transportation
  • Management and Consulting
  • Retail/Wholesale



Throughout life individuals will face many financial challenges and choices for themselves and their family. At Drazan, Henke and Associates we strive to empower individual and their families with the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions.  Our approach is based upon a tax planning focus to provide individuals with appropriate tax planning techniques throughout their life. Some of the more sophisticated transactions that we assists individuals with are:
  • Stock options
  • Real estate transactions
  • Trust opportunities
  • Generational transfers
  • Retirement funding and withdrawals