Tax Planning

We believe that tax planning requires looking at a multi-year tax picture. This gives us the ability to help our clients make decisions that can meet short and long-term goals for themselves and their families.
  • Stock option planning
  • Tax efficient investment strategies
  • Tax considerations for buying, selling or holding real estate
  • Like kind exchanges (1031) and other tax deferral techniques
  • Divorce tax planning
  • Maximizing the use of dependents to minimize the overall family tax liability
  • Educational tax planning and credits
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) planning
  • Maximizing the value of depreciation
  • Estimated tax planning and compliance
  • Planning for individuals with pass-through (K-1) income
  • Considerations for funding or distributing retirement assets
  • Retirement residency tax planning
  • Retirement contributions and distributions
  • Home sale exclusion
  • Mortgage and home equity tax analysis